Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#EdTechBridge: Strategies for Nurturing Relationships btwn EdTech Developers (Entrepreneurs) and Teachers

Week 3 EdTechBridge Chat: 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 6pm - 7pm EDT

Strategies for Nurturing Relationships btwn EdTech Developers (Entrepreneurs) and Teachers

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Tonight marks our third #edtechbridge chat and we will be talking about specific approaches to building and nurturing relationships.  This topic came from a suggestion made by Dave McCollom from TechSmith at least week's chat.

The concept of office hours received a lot of attention during the chat.  In fact, it would be great if our community could come up with a list of developers that already offer (or are willing to) office hours so the members of this community can utilize this great communication channel.

We are expanding on the idea and looking at a variety of approaches to building authentic sustainable relationships.  

Our tentative list of questions is as follows:

Q1: What are specific examples of methods you have used to collaborate with teachers / developers? (i.e. skype, google hangout, in person meetings, field testing, etc.)

Q2: How should a teacher reach out to developers to initiate a relationship and vice versa?

Q3: How do you maintain a relationship between developers and teachers after the initial interaction?

Q4: What are the practices that you would encourage Educators / Developers to avoid if they want to establish a positive relationship with you?

Q5: When working with technology things sometimes go wrong.  What would be your expectations to resolve this and maintain a good relationship?

Hope to see you tonight at 6pm EDT chatting with the hashtag #edtechbridge.

If you would like, feel free to start the discussion right here by posting some of your responses to the questions in the blog comments.  

Thanks for continuing to support and help grow this great community.  Remember our mission, 

“to build an authentic community of EdTech Entrepreneurs (developers) and teachers with the ultimate goal of working together to create great EdTech products that will ultimately benefit students and move education forward.”

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