Monday, April 21, 2014

#EdTechBridge: Taking suggestions for topic / questions for next chat!

Are you a Teacher or EdTech developer interested in collaborating to create better EdTech products to facilitate student learning and move education forward?  If so, we invite you to join us.  EdTechBridge was born out of several sessions at #SXSWEdu that explored the need to develop a true community based on authentic relationships that could bring educators and developers together.  Since SXSWEdu we have had 3 successful tweetchats to develop and nurture this community.  If you missed our chats, you can find the full archives:

The chats have been quite engaging and we are so pleased to see such a great turnout and such enthusiasm for the community.  We have had an even mix of educators and developers and relationships extending outside of the chat have been forming.  We plan to highlight those relationships as we move forward.

It's time to plan for this week's chat and we want to hear from you as this is a community effort.  There have been a few ideas tossed around regarding topics for this week's chat, but we are still open to other ideas for this week or future weeks.

Current topic ideas:
  • Building the Infrastructure for Connecting Educators and Developers
  • What is EdTech doing well and not doing well in your classroom?

We are eager to hear your thoughts regarding these topics as well as other topic suggestions.  Also, please indicate questions that would guide the discussion based on your topic choice.  We typically pose 4 - 6 questions per chat.  Thanks for your contributions!

Please post your ideas as comments here and also tweet out any ideas to #edtechbridge.

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  1. As I mentioned on twitter also, one good question could be "where do Ts and devs differ in their thoughts on what edtech is doing well in the classroom?"

    We might also want to form a question around "problems looking for solutions"