Wednesday, April 30, 2014

#EdTechBridge: Wednesday, April 30 6pm EST: Topic and Questions

Join us tonight for the 5th #EdTechBridge chat:

When: April 30, 6pm EST tweetchat (use #EdTechBridge hashtag throughout the chat)

Topic: What can we do as a community to improve EdTech PD?

Tentative Questions:

Q1:  How do we tell the difference between good PD and bad PD? #edtechbridge

Q2:  How do we measure effectiveness of PD? #edtechbridge

Q3:  What are common misconceptions people have about PD in schools? 

Q4: What are the most critical activities that all PD should include? #edtechbridge

Q5:   How can teachers and devs work together to make better PD?

Q6:   How can tools help make PD better? Any specific examples?

Q7:   Can we use #edtechbridge to make better PD? How?

Katrina Stevens from #EdTechChat and @EdSurge will be joining us as our guest moderator this evening.  Hope you can make it!

Feel free to provide your general thoughts on the topic and question here in the blog comments.

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