Monday, May 12, 2014

Share Your EdTech Story: Guest Blog Post by #EdTechBridge friend Scott Freschet

Share Your EdTech Story

Guest Blog Post by #EdTechBridge friend
Scott Freschet

Everyone loves a great story. Don’t forget to regularly share your how you use EdTech with colleagues, friends,  family, and the world!

Every Wednesday at 6pm EST, educators and EdTech companies meet on Twitter (#EdTechBridge</a>) to collaborate and work together to meet the needs of our most important consumers... our students

And last week - right after the #EdTechBridge twitter chat - we had one of those “magical” moments at the office.

Scott: “You know what?”
Steve: “What?”
Scott: “The favorite part of my day is when I get to hear a “story” of how an educator is using Actively Learn with  their students.
Steve: “Duh! Me too.”
Scott: “Next week’s #EdTechBridge chat should be about CELEBRATING these stories. I know EdTech is being used across the country and I want to hear more awesome stories!!”

Immediately after this conversation, we spent 10 minutes brainstorming ways for educators and EdTech companies to SHARE THEIR STORIES. If you don't belive me... take a look at our whiteboard!

What Happened Next:

I sent the idea to the #EdTechBridge community… and they LOVED IT!

 “Scott. I’m so honored that you guys took the time to brainstorm for #EdTechBridge! Awesome! I love the idea of a “Share Your Story” chat”

The moderators Steve Isaacs (@mr_isaacs) and Katya Hott (@katyamuses) just shared with me the tentative questions for the #EdTechBridge Twitter chat this Wednesday at 6pm PST. They are below:

Q1 - What are positive/negative stories of how your students use EdTech?
Q2 - What can you now do differently with EdTech in a classroom that you couldn't do before?
Q3 - How has building/using EdTech changed your opinion of education?
Q4 - How do you think classroom learning has changed as a result of EdTech?
Q5 - What are you most proud of as a result of your EdTech product/using EdTech in your classroom?
Q6 - What would you want to change about how EdTech is designed?

So My Ask Of You:

Please continue staring GREAT stories of how you use EdTech in your classroom and with your students! Whether it is a story about Actively Learn or another great tool... lots of people want to hear about your experiences!

Here are 2 small ways you can get started:

#1 - Share a great story of how you use Actively Learn in the comments of this post!
#2 - Join hundreds of other educators and EdTech companies on the  #EdTechBridge Twitter chat this Wednesday at 6pm EST.

About the Author

Scott Freschet is a director at Actively Learn (a reading tool that enables teachers to improve student learning) who loves to build startups and cook for his wife. Follow him on twitter (@ScottFreschet).

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  1. Steve!
    It's an absolute honor to provide a guest blog post! #EdTechBridge has been a fantastic opportunity to find friends, build community and learn! Please keep up the fantastic work!