Tuesday, May 20, 2014

EdTechBridge: How can we work to use edtech to create and maintain a healthy digital learning environment?

For our next #EdTechBridge chat on Wednesday, May 21 we will be exploring the idea of Creating a Healthy Digital Learning Environment and the role #EdTech plays in this area.  This came from a tweet during our last question of the evening, "What topic would you like to discuss next week.".  We always seem to get great ideas from members of this incredible community.  Emily Johnson (@rantoine2) shared the following idea:

As we began planning we figured there was so much here that it would more likely lead to two chats.  For this week the focus will be on creating and maintaining a healthy digital learning environment.  We are pleased to announce that Emily will join us as co-moderator for the chat!

Our tentative questions are:

  1. What tools do you think encourage digital literacy and what experiences have you had (positive / negative) trying to promote digital literacy?
  2. What have your experiences been with regards to collaboration and digital citizenship?
  3. What makes a healthy / unhealthy edtech environment in the classroom?
  4. How can edtech developers and teachers work together to make tools that promote a healthy digital learning environment?
  5. With technology in (and out of) the classroom, have your views on healthy / unhealthy behavior changed?
  6. How can EdTechBridge promote and create healthy learning environments? 
  7. How can educators utilize edtech tools and social media to model positive online behavior?

We are open to adding a few questions and always encourage input.  Feel free to provide feedback regarding the topic and questions so we can encourage a thought provoking and engaging chat.

Join us on Wednesday, May 21
at 6pm ET / 3pm PT / 11pm GMT
for the next installment of the #edtechbridge chat
Don't forget to use the #edtechbridge hashtag

The mission of EdTechBridge is to create a community of stakeholders (educators, EdTech developers, and students) with a goal of working together to create better edtech products to move education forward.

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