Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Connecting EdTech creators and teachers : #edtechbridge

Guest Blog Post by Suzy Munroe, aka Teacher Suzy

Reasons I joined the  #edtechbridge twitter chat

Hi, I am Teacher Suzy, a teacher from Ireland now living in San Francisco. I would love to share the reasons why I was attracted to the #edtechbridge twitter chat.

  • I had never joined a Twitter chat before. This one is a great place to start.

  • It is a great way to collaborate with like-minded professionals.

  • It has an exciting mix of professionals interested in solving the disconnect between educators, developers and EdTech tools.

  • My passion is to make connections between EdTech developers and educators.

Teacher turned EdTech entrepreneur

As mentioned above, I have a passion to help solve the disconnect between EdTech creators and teachers. For this reason I recently created TinkerEd . The idea came from my real life experience when I moved to San Francisco and created a teachers meetup group to meet other teachers. Instead of  attracting teachers, my meetup gained the attention of EdTech developers who wanted to share their ideas with teachers and get feedback.

I realised there was a need for a place for these connections to occur.

Embarking on my EdTech journey
I went to Startup Weekend Education in San Francisco and nerve wrackingly pitched my idea to a room filled with EdTech enthusiasts. My idea was to build an online collaborative community where EdTech developers can connect with teachers.  After a fun filled and hard working weekend, TinkerEd was awarded the winner by judges who commented that,
“TinkerEd is trying to solve a real world problem for the entire ecosystem.”
Who can join TinkerEd
EdTech entrepreneurs: EdTech creators join us and get connected to teachers who share their expertise to enhance your product development. We share your specific EdTech projects with our teacher community and find the perfect teachers to meet your needs.
Teachers: Teachers join us  to explore new Technology and help shape EdTech tools of the future. Our teaching community can access a range of paid roles with exciting EdTech companies.

The #edtechbridge chat is a great way to engage with a community who are excited to find new ways to collaborate and take on the challenge to solve the disconnect.
About Teacher Suzy:
Suzy is Elementary teacher from Ireland, where she taught for 5 years. She recently moved to live in San Francisco where she enjoys learning about new EdTech. She also enjoys tutoring, volunteering at Reading Partners and connecting teachers with EdTech companies through her latest adventure, TinkerEd. She is also a huge Startup Weekend Education fan, where TinkerEd won first place in November 2013.  You can connect with @teacher_suzy on Twitter.

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