Wednesday, June 4, 2014

#EdTechBridge Chat: June 4, 2014 6pm ET / 3pm PT / 11pm GMT

Join us for this week's #edtechbridge chat!

Topic: Classroom User Testing

Date / Time: June 4, 2014 6pm ET / 3pm PT / 11pm GMT

Where: Twitter - use hashtag #edtechbridge throughout the chat

Tentative Questions:

Activity: Please take a moment to complete the contact survey: so we can facilitate collaboration among members.

Q1: Did you do your homework from last week?  Share your experience connecting with another member of #edtechbridge

Q2: Have you ever had devs test a product in your classroom / have you ever tested your product in a classroom?  How was it?

Q3: What do you find is the best way to get feedback on a product from kids?

Q4: How can you maximize a short class period for testing and getting feedback?

Q5: How can we ensure that classroom user testing values and respects the teachers and students?

Q6: What are ways to follow up and keep in touch after classroom testing?

Q7: How often should you test an #edtech product in the classroom?

Q8: Are you interested in participating in classroom testing (devs and teachers)?  If so, what products would you like tested (or to test)?

Summer will be a great time to establish relationships for classroom testing in the fall.  Ideally, teachers can use the summer to become familiar with products and collaborate with #edtech devs.

Q9: For summer, we are thinking of biweekly #edtechbridge chats. Yes? No? What will work for you?

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